Enjoy a Powerful and Reliable Electrical System

Hire an experienced local electrician in Bonita Springs, Naples, or Golden Gate, FL

Whether you're building a new construction project or working on a remodel, you need to know your electrical system will work properly. M.D.T. Electric, Inc. is a local electrician serving Bonita Springs, Naples, and Golden Gate, FL with the skills to help with all kinds of electrical new construction work. Our team installs residential and commercial electrical systems, including solar panels, wiring, outlets, switches and fixtures.

If you need a new telecommunications system, you can rely on us. Our electrician has experience installing infrastructure for major cell companies and can build the system you need. Contact us today for a free estimate on electrical services in Bonita Springs, Naples, or Golden Gate, FL.


Back-Up Solar Power

Install solar panels on your property to power your home with free energy.

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Residential Electric Services

Turn to our electrician to install electrical wiring and fixtures in your new home.

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Commercial Electric Services

Keep your business working with emergency electrical repairs and retrofitting.

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Set up a new phone service or upgrade your current wiring and equipment.

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Don't suffer through power outages

Tired of going hours or days without power during hurricane season? With a back-up solar power system, you can power your home using the energy you collect from the sun. Our local electrician will install everything from the solar panels and wiring to a battery big enough to power your entire home. Not only will you reduce or potentially eliminate your electric bill, but you'll also have power stored for emergencies, ending your reliance on the local electric grid.

Learn more about solar power by calling us at 239-910-0080.

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3 reasons to work with M.D.T. Electric

From lights to equipment, you rely on electricity every day. You want to know your electrical system is in the hands of a pro. Team up with M.D.T. Electric because...

  1. Our electrician has nearly two decades of experience and has the skills to help with everything from installations to repairs.
  2. You can expect our team to arrive on time and take care of your project from start to finish. We won't rest until you're satisfied.
  3. Our residential and commercial electrician is fully licensed for everything from electrical installations to solar panel systems.

Make an appointment for electrical services when you call us today.