Upgrade Your Building's Electrical System

Upgrade Your Building's Electrical System

Hire an experienced commercial electrician in Naples, FL

Is it time to grow your business? More employees mean a greater need for outlets, lighting and electrical equipment. Whether you're building a new office or expanding your current one, our commercial electrician can install new electrical hardware for you.

M.D.T. Electric, Inc. provides electrical troubleshooting, installation and retrofitting services in the Naples, FL area. You can rely on our experienced electrician to install a functional electrical system, including wiring, outlets, switches, security systems and audio/visual equipment. We'll make sure you have the power your company needs.

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3 ideas for an improved electrical system

The bigger your operation, the greater the demand on your electrical hardware. Our commercial electrician can help make sure you expand your business without issue. We can make updates like...

  1. Replacing your old electrical panel with a new one that provides more power
  2. Installing extra outlets so you can keep your employees plugged in
  3. Wiring new rooms for use as offices, conference rooms or storage

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